Serv International is all about giving people the opportunity to make a difference through our global food, water, shelter, and life programs and projects.

In May of 2000, SERV began building outreach centers, churches, and meeting spaces in remote area of Mexico. They tapped in to the new discovery that people were looking to serve others and they wanted to make difference in the world.  Serv went on to have a large presence in the Dominican Republic and in Kenya.  

In 2006, SERV would open a thirty three acre orphanage that would become home to more than sixty children in the northwest corner desert of Kenya. In response to the that region’s continued famine and drought, SERV also started a large-scale feeding program, working with stateside USA farmers and eastern African farmers that has now distributed over sixteen million nutritious meals throughout Kenya, and now spreading into Eastern Africa in countries such as South Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and beyond. SERV also has successfully drilled five desert water wells with more wells planned in the future. SERV has also deployed over one thousand water filtration buckets globally, almost eliminating water borne diseases and illness in these communities.


Over a billion people (that's 1,000,000,000 or 1/7th of the world's population by the way) all over the world lack access to a sufficient water supply and over 2.6 billion (nearly 1/3rd) lack basic sanitation. Close to half of all people in developing countries suffer, at any given time, from health problem caused by water and sanitation deficiencies.

We wanted to take a dent out of that number.  North Georgia Coffee Co. has always had a heart for others.  We have partnered with organizations in the past that are doing great things for those in need.  We decided it was time to make a lasting partnership with an organization that was making a HUGE impact in the world.  Serv International is doing just that.  


After our operating costs are paid for, 50% of ALL PROFITS from EVERY BAG of coffee purchased will go right back to those in need as a 100% pass-through donation to Serv International.  That means 100% of what we give will go to digging wells and buying water filters.  It won't go to paying someone's salary.  It is one of the main reasons we decided to go with Serv International.  

Through this partnership, every bag of coffee you buy will provide around 40,000 gallons of water to someone in dire need.  That is almost a whole year's worth of water for someone in Kenya.  If you are ready to provide a years supply of water to someone, just click on the product below and we will get your awesome coffee sent right to you!