Our beginnings are humble, but rooted in a great story.  North Georgia Coffee Co began as a passionate hobby for that turned into something much more.  As a former U.S. Marine and retired local police officer, NGCC's founder, Brian Cain began roasting his own coffee because he wasn't happy with the the quality of store bought coffee. His philosophy was, "every sunrise was a gift from God and life is too short to drink bad coffee".  So he began his journey discovering and learning everything he could about coffee.  This hobby didn't remain a secret very long as Brian became well known to his friends and family for the amazing coffee he roasted. One thing led to another, one event led to another festival and before Brian realized it, he had a growing demand for his coffee and needed to bring it to life.

Brian now spends his days researching, roasting, and brewing amazing coffee while connecting with the outdoors.